The tick infestation is starting to become overwhelming to most people.  With ticks, mosquitoes, flies and countless other insects starting to take over our environments we are starting to have to come up with different innovative ways of dealing with them.  The best way that has been found so far is through residential tick control gloucester.  It is through this process we are now able to get some type of relief from ticks and other infestations.

Cleaning the area

The first thing that needs to be done is to clean the area.  Most people will have a lot of junk collected in their yards and surrounding areas.  When we go to clean the area, we can remove all of these areas which will also help keep spaces where ticks can hide and pounce when least expected.

Remove water sources

When it rains water will tend to pool in different areas of your yard and neighborhood.  When this happens, ticks and other animals will use this water source to drink and to lay their eggs.  If this is not handled, we could have thousands of ticks and other insects hatching into our environment causing havoc.


residential tick control gloucester

The first line of defense is the use of chemicals.  These chemicals are used to kill off the ticks, prevent them from reproducing and will kill off their eggs before they have a chance to hatch.  One major downfall to using chemicals is that they can seep into the ground and water supplies.  This is why we want to use chemicals that that are biodegradable and won’t harm our environment.

Know the lifecycle

It is important hat we know the lifecycle of these insects.  What this means is that we want to get them as early as possible when they are still in egg form.  When we can do this, the adults won’t hatch and reproduce more eggs.